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    Rockwall ISD is the proud recipient of the TASBO Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations.  This award is provided to school districts and Education Service Centers statewide that are committed to folllowing professional standards in the acquisition of goods and services.  In determining Award of Merit designees, TASBO reviews various procedures and practices including:  organization, policies and procedures, contract operations, staff training and certification, use of technology, communication and management of cooperative programs.

    Awarded:  2018, 2019, 2020

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    The Purchasing Department serves as a liaison between vendor sales and district personnel in the acquisition of operational supplies, school supplies and services.  Included responsibilities of the Rockwall ISD Purchasing Department are print shop, mailroom, warehouse and textbook functions.

    Governed by state and federal law, as well as local policy, our department is committed to supporting the staff and students of Rockwall ISD by procuring the needed resources through prudent purchasing practices and excellent customer service. At the same time, the expenditure of public funds requires ethical standards be incorporated into every aspect of the District procurement function.

    Monday - Thursday
    8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Facility Information
    The link below will provide information for facilities located in Rockwall ISD.
    Facility Listing

    Vendor Information
    Texas Public Schools are governed by the State of Texas (TEC 44.031).  As an outlined procurement method, Rockwall ISD maintains an on-going request for proposals for as-needed vendors - see below.  Responses facilitate the creation and additions to the RISD vendor list which is utilized by staff members when considering the purchase of goods and services.  Vendors interested in doing business with Rockwall ISD should complete the bid packet below (RFP 1819.07-001) and submit accordingly.

    Vendor Registration
    Vendors interested in doing business with Rockwall ISD are also encourage to register through our online vendor registration portal.  Rockwall ISD is in partnership with Bonfire to enable vendors to register online and receive/submit bid opportunities and responses.  Vendors who already have a Bonfire account are encouraged to log-in and update their information for RISD accordingly.  This free registration portal can be found at:  https://rockwallisd.bonfirehub.com/login

    Registering with District will place the vendor on a list to be notified when bid opportunities arise.  In no way should registering alone be construed as an addition to the current vendor list nor does it guarantee any level of expenditure by the District.  Submissions of completed documents are required for consideration to the vendor list.

    Additional procurement methods, allowed by the state, include inter-local agreements and purchasing cooperatives.  When completing the registration, vendors should take consideration into any contracts they hold with a purchasing cooperative or other school districts.  Visibility of this information will allow Rockwall ISD to confirm the information, make contact for applicable forms and utilize the vendor in lieu of being awarded a “RISD contract”.

    Vendor List (link)
    The vendor list is a compliation of vendors who have responded to RISD bids for as-needed goods/services, as well as vendors holding a contract with an EPCNT partner district or through a purchasing cooperative.  Please take notice of term end dates as this spreadsheet is updated accordingly based on expiration dates.

    Purchasing Cooperatives
    Texas Education Code 44.031 identifies inter-local agreements as an allowable procurement method when expenditures in a particular category of goods or services exceed the current threshold of $50,000.  Rockwall ISD is proud to partner with the following cooperatives in procurement goods and services:  DIR, E and I, EPCNT, Houston Galveston Area Council, Omnia Partners (National IPA and US Communities), PACE, State of Texas, TASB Buy Board and TIPS-USA.

    List of EPCNT Member Districts
    Purchasing Levels and Requirements
    Purchase Order - Standard Terms and Conditions

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