Gifted and Talented Information

  • Philosophy

    Rockwall Independent School District recognizes the individual differences in abilities, needs and interests of the school population it serves. A sound instructional program for Rockwall ISD students includes provision for gifted and talented students. These students benefit from instruction that develops and challenges their unique capabilities while fostering creativity and productivity. A quality service should provide both cognitive and affective development. Students should be challenged to develop their potential and be successful in an appropriate learning environment.


    The goal of Rockwall ISD is to design a quality education for all students and support the needs of gifted learners.


    1. To provide a service where students are encouraged to reach their full potential and become self-directed, life-long learners.
    2. To receive instruction from properly trained educators who understand and respect the unique needs and modalities of the gifted learner.
    3. To encourage and assist students to formulate, analyze and solve real world problems dealing with local, state and world issues in order to become exceptional contributors to society.
    4. To help each student develop and maximize such research skills as collecting, classifying, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating data.
    5. To encourage the development of products that use emerging technologies, techniques, materials and forms.
    6. To seek out and include students who demonstrate necessary abilities to be successful in a challenging learning environment regardless of cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic barriers.
    7. To cultivate each students’ listening, written and oral communications skills.
    8. To involve students, parents, teachers and administrators in designing  gifted and talented services.

    Service Description

    Rockwall Independent School District addresses the unique needs of gifted and talented student in the four core content areas of math, social studies, science and English through the Selected Academically Gauged Education (SAGE) K-6, Talented and Gifted grades 7-12, Pre-Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.

    Referral and Identification

    Of utmost importance to the success of the talented and gifted service is the identification of students who possess unusual potential or high ability in the areas of specific academic aptitude and general intellectual ability. Assessment includes qualitative and quantitative measures collected from multiple sources.

    Students referred in grades K-12 shall be assessed and, if identified, provided services. Data and procedures assure that all populations of the district have access to assessments. Students are assessed in languages they understand or with non-verbal tests.

    Students are assessed for  gifted and talented services according to the following guidelines.

    • Teachers, counselors, parents, students or other interested parties may refer students to be assessed at any time.
    • Written parental consent for assessment is required.
    • Kindergarten referrals are assessed in January and begin services prior to March 1.
    • Students previously identified as gifted in another school district shall be reassessed within 30 days of enrollment in Rockwall ISD.
    • Secondary students are assessed on request.