Senior Class


    • Prom registration begins at 7:00 pm.  You need your ID to enter.  No one allowed in after 8:00 pm.  Prizes will be given at 11:30!  Stay till the end!


    • If you are driving yourself to Prom, parking is available at Ross Tower Parking Building, 720 N. St. Paul Street, Dallas.  Parking is $5.  You must pay as you leave the building with correct change or debit card.  No change is given from parking garage machine.


    • After Prom begins at 1:00 am at Shenanigans.  You must enter no later than 2:00 am.  You must park at Costco and ride the shuttle.  No parking is available at Shenanigans.

    It’s going to be a great night!!


     Senior Class of 2017-2018

    • President – Cole Talley
    • Vice-President – Kevin Smith
    • Secretary – Justin Childers
    • Treasurer – Cash Quinton
    • Historian – Jacqueline Mote

    Faculty Sponsor is: Ashley Purnell (



    Please click here for a printable copy of the Graduation Packet




    I wanted to send to you a quick reminder that all incoming college freshman will need to get a meningococcal vaccination before they start college in August.  I also wanted to share with you that the health clinics and doctor offices have a difficult time keeping enough vaccinations on hand and may run out in the month of August. So if your child is planning on attending college and needs the vaccination, it would be wise to get a head start on their vaccination!


    If you have any questions, please email or call or 972-772-2003