1. Prom registration begins at 7:00 pm.  You need your ID to enter.  No one allowed in after 8:00 pm.  Prizes will be given at 11:30!  Stay till the end!


    1. If you are driving yourself to Prom, parking is available at Ross Tower Parking Building, 720 N. St. Paul Street, Dallas.  Parking is $5.  You must pay as you leave the building with correct change or debit card.  No change is given from parking garage machine.


    1. After Prom begins at 1:00 am at Shenanigans.  You must enter no later than 2:00 am.  You must park at Costco and ride the shuttle.  No parking is available at Shenanigans.


    It’s going to be a great night!!


    Prom May 2018

    Faculty Sponsor is: Ashley Purnell (

    There are many opportunities for parents to get involved with these students as they get ready for Prom and Graduation. If you would like to help, please contact the sponsor.

    Beginning in high school, students are asked to pay class dues of $25 per year or $100 for all four years.  Dues, if paid every year, for four years, locks in the student’s Prom ticket price at $100. Paying in advance gives the class operating capital with which to place Prom and after Prom deposits.  If a student does not pay $100 by December of his/her senior year, the price of the Prom ticket is $150.

    **The December deadline has passed.  If you have not paid your dues a Prom ticket now cost $150.

    • Prom is May 5th, 2018 @ Fashion Industry Gallery, 1807 Ross Ave #167, Dallas, Texas 75201



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