SAT Prep for College Readiness

  • SAT PREP FOR COLLEGE READINESS -High school students that require or request additional honing of the study skills, especially as the students prepare for the demands of college, may enroll in the one semester course, College Readiness and Study Skills. English Language Arts and Math curriculum will be covered. Specific math topics covered will include, but are not limited to: Number and Operations, Algebra and Fractions, Geometry and Measurement and Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability. In this course, students learn techniques for learning from texts including studying word meanings, identifying and relating key ideas, drawing and supporting inferences, and reviewing study strategies. In all cases, interpretations and understandings will be presented through varying forms including through use of available technology. Students accomplish many of the objectives through wide reading and math, as well as use of content texts in preparation for post-secondary schooling.