• Students will be introduced to the language in a variety of ways including having French pen pals, and using technology, songs and dance to help learn the language.  Students also enjoy French gastronomy by cooking it themselves or having a meal at La Madeleine. Students may also view French movies and experience the game of Pétanques.


    FRENCH I – emphasizes all four areas of language study: speaking, understanding, reading and writing. Vocabulary, along with essential grammatical structure, provides a beginning foundation for oral and written communication.


    FRENCH II – expands the four areas of language study begun in French I. Greater emphasis is placed on oral and written communication skills at this level.


    PRE-AP FRENCH II – covers all the materials and objectives of French II with emphasis on learning College Board skills and strategies to prepare for Pre-AP French III. Students are required to become proficient in the oral skills, as the class will be conducted primarily in the French language.


    FRENCH III – consists of the study of French literature, poetry and grammar. Students compose original French works. The course is conducted primarily in French.

    PRE-AP FRENCH III – consists of the study of grammar and language with emphasis on the study of French literature and poetry. Students are required to compose original French works and practice skills and strategies to prepare for the AP Language exam. Classes are conducted primarily in French.


    AP FRENCH IV (LANGUAGE) – extends the development of the four primary language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course focuses on knowledge of the language and culture through literature, structure, and conversation. Students read selections from classic and contemporary literature, view artistic masterpieces and explore the culture of la Francophone (French-speaking countries). Students are required to take the Advanced Placement exam.