Biology, Pre-AP Biology, AP Biology

  • BIOLOGY is the study of living things. It provides the student with opportunities of acquiring basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to help understand today’s biological issues. Areas of emphasis include microbiology, ecology, cell structure, molecular biology, genetics and a general survey of organisms from bacteria to plants and animals.


    PRE-AP BIOLOGY covers the same topics as Biology I but with more depth to prepare students for AP Biology or a college level Biology course. Higher level thinking skills and problem solving strategies will be used not only with course topics but with tests, labs, projects, and other assignments. Students will use scientific methods to design experiments, analyze data, and draw conclusions while conducting lab investigations. These skills will prepare students for the rigorous labs in an AP/college science course.


    AP BIOLOGY -is an advanced biology course designed to be the equivalent of college biology. It stresses biology, chemistry and math integration. The three main topics covered are molecules and cells, genetics and evolution and organisms and populations. There are 12 AP labs plus others that thoroughly prepare students in basics of lab techniques and understanding of topics covered in lecture.  Students are required to take the Advanced Placement exam