Astronomy and Earth & Space Science

  • ASTRONOMY -conducts laboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods, and make decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students study the following topics; astronomy in civilization, patterns and objects in the sky, our place in space, the moon, reasons for the seasons, planets, the sun, stars, galaxies, cosmology, and space exploration. Students who successfully compete Astronomy will acquire knowledge within a conceptual framework, conduct observations of the sky, work collaboratively, and develop critical-thinking skills.


    EARTH & SPACE SCIENCE -is a capstone science course that combines earth science, ocean science, atmospheric science, and space science in a single course. In one year, students learn the basics and special topics of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and planetary astronomy in a course that builds upon the knowledge they learned in their earlier high school science courses of biology, chemistry, and physics. Material is learned conceptually, quantitatively, and analytically rigorous.


    SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH & DESIGN AEROSPACE – This course is designed for the student interested in pursuing a career in the aerospace industry. It is the first of two courses allowing students to explore aerospace science in a lab-based environment while improving fundamental research skills, applying statistical analysis and enhancing oral and visual presentation techniques. Students work in teams on research projects and learn how to structure, organize and present the project in one or more formal presentations to a panel of judges. This course complements the current middle school Aerospace program and High School Rocketry Teams. It is available to all RISD students on the Rockwall-Heath High School campus.