US History / AP

  • UNITED STATES HISTORY STUDIES SINCE 1877 – presents the historical development of the United States to help students comprehend its social, cultural, and political institutions. Students gain an understanding of traditional historical points of reference in U.S. history from 1877 to present as well as an understanding of the historical causes of problems that exist in contemporary society. Key events include foreign affairs from the Spanish-American War to the present and domestic issues from the turn of the century through contemporary times.


    AP UNITED STATES HISTORY – focuses on the knowledge and analytical skills needed to critically analyze and interpret events as students gain an understanding of selected topics and chronological periods from the Pre-Colombian to Modern Eras. Critical thinking, organizational, independent reading and writing skills are necessary as students will be required to exam historical materials, weigh relevant evidence and produce an informed persuasive opinion in essay format. These skills mirror requirements of introductory college courses. Summer reading may be required. Students are required to take the Advanced Placement exam.