English and Language Arts

  • PRINCIPLES OF ENGLISH I-V -designed for the student requiring fundamental language skills. The course includes reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills.


    APPLIED ENGLISH I-IV -is designed for students learning prerequisite skills and concepts that are necessary to develop language art skills. The emphasis will be on literature,grammar and writing/composition.


    PRINCIPLES OF READING I-IV -stresses the importance of reading for day-to-day living and independent career success. Vocabulary, decoding skills and comprehension are emphasized to assist the student in being independent in the community.


    PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNICATION APPLICATIONS -fulfills the graduation requirement for speech. Communication skills will be developed to provide successful social, interpersonal, group and professional interaction.


    APPLIED COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS -fulfills the graduation requirement for speech. Basic communications skills are developed to provide successful social and interpersonal interactions.