• PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY -is a basic study of living organisms. Areas of emphasis are cell structure, genetics, cycles of plants and animals and body structure and functions or organ systems.


    APPLIED BIOLOGY -is a comprehensive study of the natural world from the simplest of organisms to the more complex. Cells, cycles in plants and animals, genetics and the structure and function of body systems in organisms will be covered on an appropriate reading level.


    PRINCIPLES OF ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS -allows students to explore the characteristics and conditions of the planet earth. Rocks, weather, natural energy, oceans, atmosphere and climate will be included at appropriate levels.


    APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS -allows students to explore the earth on a very basic level. Rocks, weather, oceans, atmosphere and climate will be covered.


    PRINCIPLES OF INTEGRATED PHYSICS & CHEMISTRY -allows students to use scientific methods during investigations of basic physics and chemistry principles to make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem-solving.


    APPLIED INTEGRATED PHYSICS & CHEMISTRY -is a basic introduction to scientific method, scientific problem solving and critical thinking skills using the principles of basic chemistry and physics. Material is presented at appropriate cognitive levels.