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    Rockwall High School students, teachers and have access to 32 subscription databases including all Gale databases, ABC Clio, Maps101, and Teen Heath & Wellness.  
    MackinVIA also is how students and staff can access ebooks as well as audiobooks.  The MackinVIA app can be downloaded for free on your phone for access to databases and ebooks on the go.

    Accessing our subscription databases online for students:

    1.     Go to www.mackinvia.com

    2.     Type in school name: Rockwall High School, Rockwall, TX

    3.     Type in student id for both username and password

    4.     At left, click on Clear all filters (if needed)

    5.     At left, click on Online Databases under Resource Type

    6.     Choose the database you want to use and Click on Open Now