• E-Books & Audiobooks


    You can access e-books or audiobooks using the MackinVIA and Destiny Discover apps. Both can be downloaded for free on your phone or tablet. MackinVIA is also our app for accessing online databases.


    Accessing e-books & audiobooks through MackinVIA: 


    1.     Go to www.mackinvia.com  
    2.     Type in school name: Rockwall Heath High School, Heath, TX
    3.     Type in student id for both username and password
    4.     At left, click on EBooks under Resource Type
    5.     You can preview any eBook by clicking Open Now
    6.     Click Check Out to have the book available on your device



    Accessing e-books & audiobooks through Destiny Discover:


    1.  Go to Follet Destiny Discover
    2.  Use your student ID and the password you use to log on to computers at school

    3.  You can search by title in the search box at the top OR
    4.  Browse titles using the Catergories or search the eBook collection
    5. When you chosen a book, you can either read it online by clicking Open or download it to your device by clicking Checkout
      *EBooks are checked-out for three weeks and then automatically returned.