Peer Assistant Leadership (PALS)



    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  Aesop


    The mission of the Peer Assistance and Leadership class (PAL) is to provide a positive role model for the students at Rockwall High School and Rockwall Elementary and Middle Schools.  The students in the PAL class spend time in team building activities and leadership training.  The primary purpose is to mentor young students at the elementary, sharing their time and talents with these young students.  They build relationships, mentor, tutor, and strive to build positive character traits.  PALs also support the high school environment by participating in school events, supporting other student groups, performing community service, and working to promote a positive environment.


    The first six weeks of school involves class training of PAL students and focuses on a number of concepts including the role of helper confidentiality, group dynamics, self awareness, basic principles of human behavior, listening and communication skills, decision making/problem solving, as well as particular issues that affect students of all ages.  PALs also attend outside training sessions conducted by counselors, social workers, and representatives of youth programs, law enforcement officers, and state PAL organization personnel.  Beginning the second six weeks, PALs mentor elementary and middle school students three days a week and continue training two days a week.


    All students enrolled in the PALs class will perform community service.  The PAL group members perform community service as individuals each semester.  PALS also complete at least one group service project each semester.  Based on classification the following hours will be required:

    • Senior – 100 hours
    • Junior – 50 hours
    • Sophomore – 30 hours
    • Freshman – 20 hours