• The GAP program is designed to accelerate those struggling students that are in danger of being two or more years behind their grade level.  GAP stand for Gathering Academic Progress.  This academic progress occurs because we accelerate our curriculum and blend both direct instruction and a virtual classroom to maximize student achievement.

    While in the GAP program, student will have blended instruction in Geometry, Math Models, English II, English III, US History, and IPC.  Students will also be given the opportunity to recover credit in any course that they have taken and have been unsuccessful and the opportunity to advance in other electives that we offer at Quest Academy.  After successful completion of the GAP program, students have the opportunity to return to their home campus for their senior year or continue at Quest Academy in our Choice program until graduation.

    Our focus  at Quest Academy is to “meet students where they are.”  This means that we understand  all students are individuals with very specific educational needs and our goal is to ensure that each student’s individual need is met, to allow them the ability to reach their full potential. Parents, teachers, support staff and administration all have an important role in the encouragement of our students to become active learners.  By providing expanded opportunities for our students to acquire the skills to become productive citizens in a vastly changing society.