Bullying Report

  • Besides helping the victims, we must help the bullies chafe their ways. if they don’t, they often end up in serious trouble. Most studies in the United States find that about 255 of bullies(as a youngster) end up in trouble with the law. One study found that approximately 60% of boys who were characterized as bullies in grades 6-9 had at least one conviction by age 24. One other important note here about bullying is that there is a “huge” increase in number of girls who are becoming bullies.


    1. People must take teasing and bullying seriously!

    2. Forget about the theory that bullies have low self-esteem. We are discovering that bullies have “high” self-esteem and they gain power, and enjoy, hurting others.

    3. How can you tell if your child is being bullies? Study these signs.

    • Student comes home with cuts, bruises on body
    • Student has torn clothing
    • Student becomes more quiet, withdrawn
    • Student doesn’t want to go to school
    • Student complains of sore stomach or other illnesses
    • Student is more irritable or moody
    • Student has trouble sleeping
    • Student’s schoolwork starts suffering
    • Student becomes more aggressive with siblings