• My expectations and goals....
    *To effectively identify students who exhibit characteristics of dyslexia
    *To provide instruction in a small groups setting that meets the specific learning needs of the dyslexic student
    *To provide intervention that includes phonemic awareness, grapho-phonemic knowledge (phonics), language structure, linguistics, and procedures and strategies for decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency and comprehension
    *To provide explicit, direct, intensive, highly concentrated instruction that is systematic, sequential and cumulative using specialized methods and materials
    *To provide meaning-based instruction that is directed toward purposeful reading and writing
    *To provide multi-sensory instruction that incorporates the simultaneous use of the two or more sensory pathways (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile) during teacher presentations and student practice
    *To support the dyslexic student and the teacher in the classroom setting
    Summarized from The Dyslexia Handbook