• Math: This week in math the students will:

    • The students will review place value for the assessment on Thursday, Septemeber 21, 2017. 
    • The students are expected to interpret the value each value position as 10 times the position to the right. 
    • The students should be able to compare whole numbers to the billions. 
    • The students should be able to understand the difference between expanded notation and expanded form. 
    • Students should know how to round numbers to the hundreds thousands place. 

    Reading: This week in reading class the students will 

    • The students will understnd the elements of realistic fiction 
      • plot
      • setting
      • characters their interactions and they changes that they undergo
        • protagonist 
        • antagonist
      • conflict 
      • resolution 
    • In small group with the teacher the students will explore legends and the elements of a legend
    • the plot of a legend 
    • the theme 
    • what constitutes a legend 
    • the importance of legends in our society


    Science: This week in science the students will: 


    • Explore the elements of soil, their texture and their color as well as their ability to retain water. 

    Social Studies: This week the students will explore and understand 

    • The students will understand the importance of the Constitution of the U.S. 
    • The Bill of Rights 
    • The Declaration of Independence
    • The students will also understand the Mountains and Basins Region and the Great Plains Region

    Writing: This week in writing the students will

    • To continue to understand what makes a good narrative the students will learn how to write good leads for a narrative essay.
    • The students will continue with the study of the plural patterns.
      • If a noun ends with a Y and there is a vowel before the Y just add an -s
      • The prefix ex means out and the prefix auto means self.
      • Whar makes a simple sentence and a compound sentence.