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Leadership Team

Dr. John "JJ" Villarreal


Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Serves as the district’s top executive. Provides leadership, consultation, and guidance to administrative staff. Monitors and supports the District Strategic Plan regarding the call to action, beliefs, learner outcomes, and goals.

David Carter

Senior Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Oversees the district's finances, budgeting, accounting, payroll and accounts payable, facilities management, demographic planning, purchasing, facility construction and renovation, as well as manages internal operations including transportation, child nutrition, and technology services.

Dr. Megan Gist

Chief Academic Officer of Secondary Schools

Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Supports and oversees the design and implementation of the district’s guaranteed and viable curriculum for secondary campuses. Responsible for monitoring and supporting instructional programming at all secondary schools to ensure that academic standards are met.  Oversees the annual development of the Academic Planning Guide, the writing of the District Improvement Plan, and the development of the District of Innovation plan. Supervises secondary campus principals. Oversees all K-12 fine arts programs as well as all Career and Technical Education programs.

Dr. Mary Johnston

Chief Academic Officer of Elementary Schools

Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Responsible for monitoring and supporting campus operations at all elementary schools to ensure that academic standards are met. Supports leaders in ensuring the district's guaranteed and viable curriculum is implemented with fidelity. Ensures that effective academic programs are in place to meet individual campus needs. Manages campus principals, staffing, and personnel in day-to-day operations. Oversees all aspects of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, Special Programs, Federal Programs, Multilingual Services, Assessment & Accountability, and Professional Development. 

Renae Murphy

Chief Communications Officer

Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Administers internal and external communications, serves as liaison with community entities, supervises district response to Public Information Requests, media relations, special events, district website, district social media, and the sports marketing program.

Joey Byrum

Chief Human Resources Officer 

Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Provides leadership for human resource activities to ensure high quality staffing and retention of district personnel. Recommends and implements legally sound and effective human resource management programs, policies, and practices. Responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of human resources programs to include professional and auxiliary staffing, wage and salary administration, leave administration, performance appraisal, employee relations, and benefits. Serve as the human resources advisor to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees.

Dr. Kelvin Stroy

Chief Student Services Officer

Phone: 972-771-0605 | Email Me

Responsible for supporting campus administration in safety/security, civility and school culture for staff, students, and parents at all elementary and secondary campuses. Supervises the district-wide counseling program and health services while also leading truancy prevention, school resource officers, grievances, and district policies.