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About Operations

The primary mission of the Rockwall ISD Operations Department is to serve the needs of students, staff and faculty to promote high-quality learning and development.  We strive to support the educational goals of the district by ensuring a safe, clean, and functional academic environment. The Operations Department is comprised of the following areas: 

FACILITY SERVICES - The Facility Services Department includes the functional areas of Planning and New Construction, Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Facility Reservations, Energy Management, Service Vehicle Maintenance, Security and Safety Systems, and Custodial Services. The Department is responsible for ensuring that the physical environment in Rockwall ISD is maintained at the highest level to meet the expectations of our students, staff, and community. Additional information can be found on the Facility Services web page. 

CHILD NUTRITION- The Child Nutrition Department includes the functional areas of Food Services, Catering, and Concessions. The Department supports learning and development by providing high-quality meals to students, staff and community. In addition, the Department ensures all meals comply with the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 as well as other local, state and federal nutrition requirements. Additional information can be found on the Child Nutrition web page.

STUDENT TRANSPORTATION - The Transportation Department includes functional areas of Bus Transportation, Shuttle/Field Trip Services, Bus Fleet Maintenance, and Crossing Guard Services.  The Department supports the district by providing a safe and enjoyable experience for the students, staff and volunteers who ride the buses and walk/bike to school. Additional information can be found on the Student Transportation web page.


Kim Pugsley

Director of Child Nutrition

Melanie Pyland

Facility Services Specialist

Will Salee

Executive Director of Operations