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Attendance & Truancy

Rockwall ISD is dedicated to helping your child achieve academic success. In order to maximize your child’s academic opportunities, it is critical that they be in attendance at school every day. For your information, we have outlined the district procedures/policies and state laws related to attendance here: Attendance Information and Truancy Notice. We hope that this information is helpful to you and look forward to spending every instructional day possible with your child.

Rockwall ISD understands there are times when your child will be absent. Documentation is required when this occurs. An electronic note submitted via Family Access or an original, signed note from a parent or doctor must be sent with the student indicating the reason for the absence. Notes are due upon return to school.  When a student accumulates excessive absences, a doctor’s note or medical note may be required by the school in order to excuse any future absences.

The goal of the attendance program is for all students in Rockwall ISD to attend school regularly and to graduate from high school on time and ready for the college or career of their choosing.

Notice Forms