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Bachelor of Science in Education 9-12 Math Certification

Shadie Morene Acosta

Welcome to my web page.  My name is Shadie Acosta and I am a proud graduate of Baylor University. I have been part of the Yellowjacket family since 2007.  I've served RHS as a head softball coach (2007-2021) and math teacher (2007-current).   As a math teacher I have had the opportunity to teach Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, PreCalculus and Calculus.  This year I am looking forward to working with our Algebra 2 and AB & BC Calculus students.  Please use this website to for the course expectations and policies.  Please use your student Canvas accounts for daily classroom details, notes, keys and important dates. 

I am looking forward to a successful year for our students. 

Email:  shadie.acosta@rockwallisd.org

Tutorials: Monday-Friday 8am-8:35am, Monday-Thursday 

My teaching schedule

8:40-9:25am                                            1A/1B Algebra 2

9:30am-11:05 am             2A      Dpt Chair Conference    5B  AP Calculus AB

11:10am - 12:40pm          3A      Algebra 2                        6B  AP Calculus BC

1:10pm - 2:55 pm             4A      Conference                    7B   AP Calculus AB

3pm-3:50pm                                             8A/8B  Conference

Below are a few strategies that will be keys to each student's success:

-Attitude:  Math can be challenging and frustrating but one's ability to improve their math skills are dependent on their effort, work ethic, and resilience.  Believe in yourself even if at first you don't succeed.  MISTAKES ARE GOOD if you take the time to learn from them.  BE RESILIENT and keep trying again.  Never fear asking for some guidance/help.

-Attendance:  being present in class significantly contributes to each students success because it provides an opportunity for conversations about the math with their peers and teachers.  Studies have shown that discussing questions, describing solutions, and having friendly debates about how to tackle problems deepen a students understanding of the material that they are studying.  

-Note Taking:  Crucial examples will be provided in class that will connect to class work, homework, tests, and often times will be foundational to the next lesson or unit.  Taking good notes with verbal comments and descriptions (not just copied solutions) and keeping all notes organized will help with daily studies and keeping key concepts organized. 

-Organization:  Do not throw away materials. Your notes can be as valuable as a text book or a purchased study guide.  Try to keep each units notes in order and plan on using them even after the unit has been completed.

-Preparation:  Along with organized notes, complete all assignments on a daily basis.  This will allow for meaningful feedback before moving onto the next lesson.  Do not put off questions and concerns. Try to address any confusion, misconceptions or confusion using a variety of resources (GOOGLE, online resources like your textbook, calling a clasmate/study group, tutorials with a teacher, or private tutorials).  

-Study Skills:  Completing required work is not always enough preparation for exams and for future application.  Math has to be practiced much like a sport.  If you practice it wrong the first time, you need to correct what is wrong and practice it correctly.  Once assignments are complete and graded, try going back and reviewing your work.  Identify any areas that may have been problematic and work on finding the correct approach.  Try the problems you missed again.  USE your PEOPLE RESOURCES!  Study groups with peers to discuss and work on homework are helpful.  Having people to call when you are stuck to discuss problems is not only helpful but talking about the math contributes greatly to your comprehension. Use your teacher tutorial time to dsicuss concerns and areas that your stuck with your teacher as well as other teachers.  

Along with working individual problems, work on summarizing what you have learned.  Reflect on what the big picture is and how it can be applied in another scenario.  

I am looking forward to working with all students to improve their math abilities this year.  I will also be available outside of class during my regular tutorial times listed below as well as additional time if students will take the time to make arrangements with me.  I am happy to share information on peer tutors as well as private tutors if anyone is interested.