Welcome to English III and English I Honors

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in English, Minor in Psychology

Mrs. Amanda Walker

Conference: Periods 2/5  10:35 AM - 11:05 AM

Tutorial Times: Tuesday 8:10-8:40 AM, Thursday 3:50 - 4:30 PM [+ Anytime by Appointment]

Curriculum: ELA, Grades 9 and 11

Workshop Model for Reading and Writing:

A central goal in English Language Arts is to establish a reading habit in the busy lives of our students.  Through independent-choice reading students develop reading fluency and stamina, which result in increased reading rates and thus, help students develop confidence, build vocabulary, and improve writing. The books that students choose to read guides them as they develop the craft as writers.  It is our goal to work together with parents to ignite and sustain the pleasure and passion of young readers. 

In the 2021-2022 school year the format of the secondary Reading Language Arts classroom will be centered around choice reading. We will implement the readers and writers workshop which will allow for more student choice in how a student demonstrates mastery of the required Reading Language Arts standards. 

Academic research has shown that student choice leads to growth in student literacy. Our hope is that through the workshop model, our students will be reminded of their love for reading. For that reason every middle school and high school Reading Language Arts classroom will have a classroom library of 300 various books to choose from. The classroom libraries have been approved and selected by Rockwall ISD English teachers and librarians. Each library is a rich, diverse collection of genres and reading levels. Teachers will encourage students to read books that interest them, but to also broaden their horizons as a reader. We also encourage your student to bring their own books from home if desired.

What should you look for as a parent as Rockwall ISD Secondary Reading Language Arts classrooms transition into a workshop model? You should see your student reading more and talking more about what they are reading and writing. Our goal is to increase the volume of books that our secondary students read. We invite all families to share this journey with their student(s).

Areas of Instructional Focus -

Writing: Students will practice a series of writing techniques using various genres designed to develop their individual styles and voices. Appropriate diction, effective imagery, rich detail, deft manipulation of point of view, and purposeful use of various sentence structures.

Close Reading: Our class will focus on reading for more than plot, more than detail, more than incidents or characters. Student readers will learn to look for patterns, to detect tone and tone shifts, to analyze symbols, to deconstruct arguments, and to perceive layers of meaning in literature, film, art, and music. This kind of reading is merely practice for the “real” work of reading that forms the primary task of human beings – the task of “reading” the world, life itself, as a text. To that end, these student readers will also “read,” analyze, and interpret experiences they encounter outside of the literary world.

Curriculum and Assessments: The curriculum for this course focuses on learning goals in areas of reading, writing, grammar, media literacy and communication. Examples of summative assessments include: objective tests, creative projects, hand-written or typed essays written in various modes, Socratic Seminars, etc. Our curriculum and assessments are designed to be challenging, engaging and preparatory for our students’ future pursuits in higher education.