Logo design artwork for the all-district choir

Welcome to the Rockwall All-District Choir

  • The Rockwall All-District Choir is created to provide 5th and 6th graders an opportunity to perform as members of a District-wide Honor Choir. As a result of this experience we hope that students will develop a great love of choral music that will last a lifetime. Membership is determined by an audition conducted at the home campus.

    As members of the Rockwall All-District Choir, students learn about dedication and the value of participating in an exemplary performing group. By working together, each student becomes a vital part of a singing ensemble, experiencing the joys of hard work and outstanding performances. The following is a list of goals of the Rockwall All-District Choir

    • To give students a positive choral experience that will foster a life-long love of music
    • To provide students the opportunity to develop superior choral skills and musicianship through outstanding performance opportunities.
    • To demonstrate the importance of self-discipline in a choral
    • To have each choir member recognize his or her abilities, experience a sense of achievement, and grow in self-esteem.
    • To encourage members to be leaders in their home campus Honor Students who audition for All-District are encouraged to be members of their own school’s Honor Choir.

    If you have questions, please contact your home campus Elementary Music Teacher or any of the All-District Choir Directors.

    Jan Stonestreet, APHE, jan.stonestreet@rockwallisd.org
    Heather Fisher, Shannon Ele, heather.fisher@rockwallisd.org
    Oscar Padilla, Cain MS, oscar.padilla@rockwallisd.org
    Chris Kosterman, RISD Fine Art, chris.kosterman@rockwallisd.org