Parking Information

    Each year students are required to purchase one RHHS parking permit to park in the RHHS and GBCCA student parking lots. The funds raised through the sale of these permits are used to pay for a full-time parking lot monitor to ensure the safety of our students and the security of their vehicles. Parking stickers allow our security staff to know which vehicles are supposed to be on campus and which ones are not, which improves safety and helps prevent unauthorized visitors.

    A student must have a valid driver’s license to purchase a parking permit. Students who will get their driver’s license later in the school year must wait until that time to purchase their parking permit. Parking permit sales remain open throughout the entire school year. 

    Any student who wishes to purchase a parking permit must first fill out a parking permit agreement at the following link. 

    23-24 RHHS Parking Permit Agreement 

    Once the agreement is complete, the student will need to come to the front office and a secretary can issue a physical parking permit sticker to adhere to the front windshield above the registration sticker on the driver's side.  The student will need to bring their driver's license and proof of payment.

    Parking permit stickers, which must be displayed on all student vehicles parked on campus, will be distributed at student orientation.

    If you have any questions about parking permits or painted spots, please contact our Associate Principal for Student Services, Jacob Payne, at

     Regular parking permit stickers will also go on sale on July 18 at 9:00 AM and these sales will remain open for the duration of the year. Only licensed drivers may purchase a student parking permit. If your student is not a licensed driver before the first day of school, they must wait until they have their license to purchase their student parking permit. 


    What should I do if I drive a different car than listed on the parking permit agreement?

    If you need to drive a different car whatever the reason, please come to the front office and get a temporary parking pass.

    What if I share a car with my family?

    Please list the information of the car you will drive most days on the parking permit agreement.  If you drive another car you may come to the front office and will be issued a temporary parking pass.

    Do I have to buy another permit if I get a new car?

    No, we have record of your permit and will simply issue you another sticker.

    How Do I get a Painted Parking Spot?

    Painted spots will be on sale for a limited time ONLY.  Painted spots will be on sale through July 28. The date and time that a painted spot is purchased has no bearing on parking spot selection order.  Important information about painted spots, including details about the selection process and Paint Day on August 6 will have document links on this page.

    I won’t get my driver’s license until after school starts. Can I still buy a painted parking spot or parking permit in July?

    No. We cannot issue parking permits or painted parking spots to unlicensed drivers. This is why we
    set the parking lot painting date a year in advance, so that students can plan their DPS appointments
    accordingly. The RevTrack link to purchase a parking permit will remain open all school year, so as
    soon as you have your driver’s license, you can purchase a parking permit. Painted spots may not be
    purchased past the cutoff date.

    Do I have to purchase a parking permit to park on campus?

    Yes. Every vehicle in our parking lot must display a parking permit sticker on the windshield to indicate that it is registered with the main office. This helps us contact the correct student if there is an issue with the vehicle (it was hit, the engine was left running, it’s parked illegally, etc.). It also lets our security guards and school resource officers know that it’s a vehicle that is authorized to be on campus.

    What happens if I don’t purchase a parking permit?

    Vehicles parked in the student parking lot or band parking lot during school hours without a parking permit will be booted. There is a $25.00 fee to remove the boot.

    If I buy a painted parking spot, do I also have to buy the parking permit separately?

    No. The cost of the painted parking spot includes the parking permit sticker, so you do not need to purchase the parking permit as part of a separate transaction.

    I’m going to be out of town on paint day. Can I paint another time?

    No. Parking spot painting may only take place on the designated date and time. Please know that it is really difficult to shut down access to the parking lot of a busy 6A high school in August when UIL activities and practices are in full swing. If you can’t make it during the designated time frame, you can always ask a friend or family member to paint your spot for you.

    Where do I put the parking permit sticker?

    The parking permit sticker goes on the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side.

    What happens if I park illegally or in a painted parking spot that isn’t mine?

    If a vehicle needs to be moved for any reason, we will first attempt to contact the student using the information registered under the parking permit sticker number and have them move their vehicle. If there is no parking permit sticker on the vehicle, or if we are unable to find the student to move the vehicle, it will be booted. There is a $25.00 fee to remove the boot.

    What should I do if someone parks in my painted spot?

    If someone parks in your painted parking spot, take a picture of the vehicle with the make, model, color, and license plate clearly visible in the painted spot. Bring the information to the main office so we can track down the driver of the vehicle to move it.

    What should I do if I need to temporarily drive another vehicle to campus?

    You can get a temporary parking permit from the main office if you are parking a different vehicle on campus than the one registered through your parking permit (for example, if your car is in the shop).

    Why should I have to pay for a parking permit? What is all the money used for?

    A: Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right, and purchasing a parking permit is a normal practice at most large high schools. At RHHS, the money goes into the campus activity account and is typically used to pay for campus-level safety upgrades, which in past years have included speed bumps, gates, crosswalks, signage, cones, exterior security cameras, etc.