12th Grade Checklist

    Fall 2022

    • Finalize Your College List! Did you know that you get 2 excused absences during the school year to visit colleges? Use the College Day Form to take advantage of this!
    • Submit Financial Aid Forms! No matter your family's income level, the FAFSA/TASFA is your main priority for financial aid purposes. The FAFSA/TASFA form is required per House Bill 3 to meet graduation requirements. Students who wish to submit an opt-out form need to see their counselor. More info can be found at College for All Texans.
    • Take Standardized Tests! SAT day for juniors will be on March 22, 2023. You can find SAT practice material HERE!
    • Ask for Letters of Recommendation! Give letter of recommendation forms to the teachers you have chosen, along with stamped, addressed envelopes (if needed) so your teachers can send them directly to the colleges. Be sure to fill out your name and address and the school name on each form. Discuss your goals and ambitions with your teachers so they will be more prepared to write about you. Be sure to write a thank you note to each individual who recommended you.
    • Complete Applications! Finish the application forms for your schools of interest. Proofread your applications and make extra copies before you send them. Make sure you and your school’s counseling office have sent all necessary materials, including test scores, recommendations, transcripts, and application essays. You should plan to get all this done before winter break so you will not be rushing to make deadlines.

    Winter 2022 - Spring 2023

    • Build Your Credentials! Be sure to keep track of academic and extracurricular awards, community service achievements, etc. This is information you will need when applying to college and/or building your resume!
    • Stay Involved! Taking on leadership roles and making a commitment to the same groups are more important than trying out tons of new activities each year.
    • Transcripts! Official transcripts must be requested using Parchment.
    • Compare Financial Aid Packages! Make sure to consider each financial aid award carefully. If you have questions, contact the financial aid office of the college to get more information. Financial aid is a key factor in deciding where you will attend.
    • Prepare for Standardized Tests! You may be taking AP, IB, or UT OnRamps exams to earn college credit as the school year winds down.
    • Make Your Final College/Career Decisions! Notify all schools of your intent by May 1. If you are not sure which college offer to accept, make one more campus visit to the schools you are considering. Make sure to send your deposit to your chosen school and ask your school counselor to send your final transcript to the college in June.


    Rev-trak is set-up for the following:

    • 1st semester payments are due January 31 / all payments due
    • 2nd semester fees $150.00 starting January 4th are due January 31st / No payments full fee


    Prom will be held on Saturday, May 20th at the Omni Hotel in Dallas. More details will be released closer to the date, including ticket sale information for those who do not pay class dues.

    A parent meeting for those who would like to volunteer for Prom or After Prom will be held on Tuesday, January 10 at 5:30pm in the RHS Lecture Hall.


    Several local businesses and charitable organizations offer scholarships to eligible seniors through our local scholarship application process.  The local application goes live for students to begin applying on February 1, 2023 and the link to apply will be available at https://www.rockwallisd.com/Page/20269.


    RHS does not determine the number of graduation tickets that each senior receives. That is up to the venue. They give us a certain number of tickets and we divide that number by the number of graduating seniors. Typically, that number ranges from 8-10 tickets per graduating senior, depending on the size of the graduating class.

    RHS students must pick up their own tickets and show proof of ID to do so. We will not distribute tickets to family, friends, or parents. Only the student will be permitted to pick up tickets, so please do not schedule anything for ticket pickup day!

    Graduation caps may be decorated appropriately with post-graduation plans (i.e. college, military, trade school). Any decoration that is deemed inappropriate may result in being denied participation in the ceremony.


    College Day Form