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    Contact Secondary Schools Here
    For assistance at our secondary schools, you can email the school or fill out the Connect With Us - How Can We Help You? form to receive an email response.

    Parent Forms Requesting Nursing and Counseling Services
    Have a specific service you need to request?  Below are forms you can complete and staff will contact you with more information:

    Need to contact our Health Services nurses? Complete this form and a nurse will contact you directly.

    Want to request counseling services? Select your school at this link: https://www.rockwallisd.com/Page/15159

    Do you need other support resources? See what your school is offering here: https://www.rockwallisd.com/Page/15159 

    Resources for Social-Emotional Support

    To help you and your family engage with one another—and friends and family—we are sharing the social-emotional supports we provide to our staff to guide children and adults to be Better Together.  The following link will take you to a Google folder with daily ideas and activities, and this folder will be updated as new lessons are provided to staff: https://tinyurl.com/ve35xtc

    Online Campus Learning Help
    Help with Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or any classroom questions about technology:
    If you need help with Google Classroom or SeeSaw please click here. Our instructional technology team will reach out to you between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm to provide support.

    If you need help with your Chromebook or Hotspot
    If you are having trouble with your hotspot or Chromebook, please email  onlinecampuslearning@rockwallisd.org or call 469-698-7412.

    Helpful Tips for Slow Internet Connection

    1. Totally turn off your home wireless router.  Give it a few minutes, then turn it back on and allow it to cycle through any changes and fully boot up.
    2.  If you are having trouble with a specific device, turn that device off and restart it.
    3. Look for your devices in your house that use lots of bandwidth and turn them off while students are doing online lessons.  Turn off streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc.  This could also include cell phones running on your WiFi.
    4. If you have home security such as video running over WiFi, this could be the problem.  Try turning it off for a short time to help you troubleshoot.
    5. When possible, stagger student online learning time so that multiple devices are not connected simultaneously.  
    6. Take note of certain times of the day when you are having trouble and avoid those times.  You are sharing your Internet with others on your provider's network.
    7. Try running an Internet Speed Test (Google Internet Speed Test).  That will give you some information on the speed of your connection and what you should be able to do.
    8. Call (or chat with) your Internet Service Provider Help Desk.  There could be a problem with the cabling to your house, your router, or the provider themselves.  
    9. Check for specials that your Internet Service Provider may be offering during this time.

    Email Us!
    You can find staff emails on the respective campus websites listed below along with central administration departments. Click the school or department name in the table. To locate a specific staff member, use the search option.