WMS Student Information

  • When can I register my new student to WMS?
    New student registration hours are 8am-11amand 1pm-3pm. Please contact Yolanda Johnson at 972-771-8313.  Please click here for more detailed information.

    What if my child is absent from school?
    Upon returning to school, students must bring a note from the doctor or parents stating the reason for the absence. Notes may also be faxed to the attendance clerk, Robin Jones, at 972-772-2033 or emailed to robin.jones@rockwallisd.org For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook.

    What if my child is tardy?
    A child is tardy if he/she reports late to school. All tardy students must sign in at the front office upon arrival to school.

    How does Williams Middle School provide for a safe campus?
    The school continually monitors student behavior. If students experience problems in school, then parents should contact the appropriate assistant principal Leadership Team as soon as possible. Upon an investigation, interventions and/or consequences for misconduct will be administered.

    In addition, a school resource officer is assigned to the campus. To provide for maximum security, all visitors (including parents) must sign-in at the front office. When parents are picking up their child early from school, they will need to provide a current drivers license to verify identity (no exceptions).