• School Location & Phone
    Nebbie Williams Elementary School
    350 Dalton Road
    Rockwall, TX 75087
    Telephone: 972-772-0502

    School Hours
    Operation Begin: 7:15

    Class Begin: 8:00

    Class End: 3:00
    Students should arrive by 7:50 so they have time to unpack, watch NWLN, and begin class.

    School Information
    Built: 1996
    Enrollment: 524
    Grades: Kindergarten through 6th Grade
    State Rating: Exemplary
    School Colors: Orange, Navy & White
    Mascot: Yellowjacket
    Special Programs: Special Education, Language Science (Dyslexia), Speech, Gifted and Talented (SAGE), Functional Academics, Literacy Coach, and ESL.