About Arena Scheduling

  • What is Arena Scheduling?

    Rockwall ISD is using a new course scheduling system, called Skyward Online Arena Scheduling, for high school students. In this new system, students will be able to create their own schedules similar to the systems used in college.  Students will be able to see classes with open seats and see any possible conflicts in their schedule. 


    Why are we using it?

    Students will be given more control over their schedules in an easier and more streamlined online venue. Students will know their unofficial schedules by the end of the current school year, and will see their official schedules with teachers via Skyward in August when official schedules are released.  We believe students will appreciate the increased feeling of control over creating their own schedules rather than having a computer choose the order of their schedule for them.


  • How does my student select their courses for the 17-18 school year?
    Students must select their course in career cruising and submit signed course verification sheets to the campus.  Course selection is very important, since students will only be allowed to schedule courses in arena scheduling that they had requested previously.  Students who do not return course verification sheets will have their schedule created by their counselor. 

    What if I missed my registration window?
    Students who choose not to create their schedule during this window will have a schedule created for them based on their course requests.

    When will students create their schedules?
    Course selection is the first step in the process and will start with current 11th grade students in December and will end with current 8th grade students in mid-February. The campus will build the master schedule for 17-18 in March and arena scheduling will take place in April.

    Do I get to pick my teachers?
    No. Teachers’ names will not be made available during the online arena scheduling process.  Staffing often changes so selecting a teacher would not guarantee that a student would have a particular teacher on his/her schedule.

    Will the school change my schedule after I created it in arena scheduling?
    Student schedules could be changed by the school in certain circumstances.  Students might fail a course in which they are currently enrolled or tryout for a specific team/performing group.  The master schedule might change over the summer as staffing changes. The campus will try as hard as possible to limit any schedule changes following arena scheduling.

    Once I create my schedule, can I change my classes?
    Yes, you can submit a Schedule Change Request form online during the specified time frames. Counselors will review requests in order of receipt.

    Can a parent create their child’s schedule?
    Schedules can only be created through the Student Access account on Skyward. Parent Access will not work for the registration process. Students must know their Skyward login ID and password to access online arena scheduling.