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Requesting Service Records from your Prior District

Rockwall ISD Human Resources requires service records for all new employees to verify their years of experience outside of Rockwall ISD. Failure to provide these records may result in a change of pay depending on the number of years we can verify.

  • Please request your service records from your prior school district of employment as soon as possible (they should be able to provide all previous service records).
  • Most school districts have request forms available on their websites. School districts have up to 30 days to provide your records (this may be longer during the summer months). 
  • Records should not be sent from your previous district until they are able to include the current school year.
  • It is your responsibility to request your records. Rockwall ISD will not request them on your behalf.
  • Records are only considered official when sent directly from another school district. We cannot accept service records sent from employees via email (original copies may be mailed/provided in person).
  • Please use the Teacher Service Record form to request employment verification from out-of-state employment, employment at a private school, or employment at a University.

Rockwall ISD verifies years of experience in accordance with the Texas Education Agency Commissioner’s Rules, the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators, and the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.

If you have any questions regarding your years of experience, please contact the Human Resources Department