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Student Teaching

Student Teaching in Rockwall ISD

Rockwall ISD is proud to partner with local universities and certification programs to provide opportunities for aspiring educators to teach in our classrooms.

Applicants need to complete a Student Teaching Request Form and Consent to Perform Background Check Form.  Once the background check has cleared, they will be sent a Fast Pass with instructions on how to become fingerprinted, a mandatory requirement.  They must be fingerprint complete by the deadline(s) listed below.  Failure to do so may result in dismissal of their request.

The Student Teacher and/or the University or Service Center will be notified once placement has been approved, or if we are unable to approve their request.  We will provide the name of the assigned campus along with the Principal’s name, teacher’s name, school phone number, and email address.  The Student Teacher is responsible for communicating with the campus in a timely manner to schedule his/her program requirements.

Student Teachers are eligible to complete their student teaching assignments in Rockwall ISD if:

  • Student Teacher is currently enrolled in a teacher degree program at a four-year college or university.
  • Student Teacher is currently seeking certification through an Alternative Certification Program.
  • Student Teacher has passed their background check and is fingerprint complete by the deadline.
  • Student Teacher attends a mandatory Student Teacher Orientation Session.


  • May 1st – Deadline for Fall semester Student Teaching requests.
  • May 20th – Deadline to be fingerprint complete.
  • November 17th – Deadline for Spring semester Student Teacher requests.
  • December 8th – Deadline to be fingerprint complete.

The Aspiring Educator must complete and submit the following forms to and

  1. Student Teacher Request Form (Please designate grade level and or choice of subject area for consideration)
  2. Consent to Perform Background Check Form
  3. Copy of resume to share with campus Principal