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Nebbie Williams Elementary Assistant Principal Promoted to Principal

Nebbie Williams Elementary Assistant Principal Promoted to Principal
Sarah Rak

The Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees approved the hiring of new Nebbie Williams Elementary Principal Adrienne Hergert during the June regular board meeting.

Adrienne Hergert has served students and staff in public education for sixteen years. Most recently, Mrs. Hergert has provided leadership at Nebbie Williams Elementary as the Assistant Principal. She also served as the Assistant Principal at Billie Stevenson Elementary and as the District Physical Education and Health Lead. In addition to her campus leadership experience, Mrs. Hergert has been a team leader and teacher at Billie Stevenson Elementary.  Mrs. Hergert earned a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University and a Master of Educational Administration from Texas A&M Commerce.

Mrs. Hergert’s professional experiences include:      

•   Elementary Assistant Principal experience at high-performing campuses;

•   Extensive experience leading the PLC process and building strong teams;

•   Experience leading campuses with a variety of special programs;

•   Campus Teacher of the Year;

•   Elementary Assistant Principal Mentor; and

•   Rockwall ISD Aspiring Principal Academy Participant.