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Utley Cheerleaders Volunteer



Everything 3rd Saturday, the Utley Middles School Cheerleaders led by Coach McGahee head to On the Border in Rockwall to volunteer with Feed the City.

The girls made sandwiches to stick in lunch bags along with chips and Cuties. Once they'd completed a group of twenty, they would hand them off to a runner, who would organize the food to be delivered. The cheerleaders joined other volunteers, and the group made 2143 meals in total.

Abby, a 7th grade cheerleader, said, "It was a lot of fun, and we hope to do it again soon!"

Coach McGahee was pleased with the experience as well, "I have always been big on bonding, but the last year, it was hard to find things for the cheerleaders to do. Well, this summer, I was all over the place trying to help my daughter get volunteer hours because she cheers for Heath, and we ended up at Feed the City. I had fun with my girls helping and just talking to them. As a single mother, we are always together but never in a relaxed capacity such as this. I started thinking, if I got so much from it with my girls, my cheer team would definitely enjoy it! My thoughts were correct. I simply love coming out and giving back. You have to think, not only do they donate food, but they also get up early on Saturday morning to just give back. I love seeing them just have fun together, and my parents are so supportive."

The Utley Cheerleaders are also collecting personal hygiene items for Rockwall's Women in Need. They will donate these items around Thanksgiving.