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Mariners Tend to the Garden

2nd Graders Harvest and Eat what they Plant

This fall, our 2nd graders didn’t let a few sprinkles keep them from coming out to the garden! These second grade students transplanted a variety of lettuce and cabbage. They listened carefully to Ms. Jane Bukowitz, one of our wonderful Grand Gardeners, give her expertise on worms and their beneficial properties to our garden soil. The students had the best time filling our soil with worms in an effort to create the best possible soil for our greens to grow! The students were able to harvest these lettuces and be served a salad snack by our sixth graders who were studying non-renewable vs. renewable energy.  A BIG thank-you to our 6th grade helpers and hosts, 2nd grade teachers Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Graham, Ms. Johnson, and Mrs. Young, super-volunteer Michelle Mitchell, and Grand Gardeners Lora Vestal, Jane Bukovitz and Remona Wing!