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School Wide Hour of Code

Breakout 6th Grade Code code

Computer Science Education Week takes place December 5-11. As part Computer Science Education Week, Rockwall ISD students are participating in Hour of Code.  Hour of Code is a world-wide initiative that takes place the second week of December to show students that anyone can code. Learning how to code gives students an opportunity to learn computer science and fosters creativity, logic and problem-solving skills. 

Stevenson students have been participating in Hour of Code for several years and have had varying levels of experience with coding in their classrooms and after school clubs. 

Third grade students learned about how important Computer Science is for future careers and explored how you can blend the world of computer programming with any area you are interested in such as zoos, hospitals, building and sports.  Some of the ways students practiced coding were: 

Younger students tackled coding programs using various sites from using the district ipads, student laptops and the computer lab.  

Students in 5th grade started with a Breakout EDU activity where they learned about our number system and how it relates to binary code. Afterwards, they explored sites at and beyond.

Students in sixth grade each explored a new to them coding site and wrote a review for their classmates.  Once they presented the various sites available, students participated in Hour of Code where they learned to code at levels that challenged their coding experience level.  These students are learning Scratch, Java Script, Alice, Python and HTML coding languages.  

Students in the after school Coding Club are earning a Passport to Computer Science in an eight week course designed to blend the worlds of Scratch Coding and Storytelling.