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DECA - 22 STATE Bound!

CONGRATULATIONS! 22 Dr. Gene Burton College & Career DECA students qualify for DECA State CDC in February!

These students will now work to improve their business marketing knowledge (for exam) and role-play presentation performances to be presented at State to a judge. Their next goal is to advance from State to DECA’s International Competition being held in Nashville, TN, in April.


Alycia “Allie” Pfuhl (RHS) – Principles of Marketing

Reiley Lynn (RHS) – Principles of Marketing

Meghan McGriff (RHHS) – Principles of Marketing

Haley Putman (RHHS) – Principles of Finance

Tyler Burpee (RHHS) – Entrepreneurship Series

Kayla James (RHHS) – Entrepreneurship Series

Nathan Hunter (RHS) – Human Resources Management Series

Amir Rabah (RHHS) – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

Bryxxton Ramirez (RHHS) – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

Zachary Siebert (RHHS) – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

Leila Kavazi (RHS) – Marketing Communications Series

Meredith Hurst (RHS) – Retail Merchandising Series

Andrew “Drew” Ferry (RHHS) – Retail Merchandising Series

Lance Philp (RHHS) – Business Services Marketing Series

Ayden Bazan (RHS) & Hill Rukobo (RHS) – Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making

Ava Quartrone (RHS) & Keva Testa (RHHS) – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making

Rich McDermott (RHS) & Lillian “Lilly” Cardenas (RHS) – Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making

Mackenzie Peterson (RHHS) & Alyssa Scott (RHHS) – Marketing Management Team Decision Making


"DECA members would also like to thank the financial and personal support received from Rockwall’s very own Alliance Bank and Rockwall Ford. As they also judge and mentor our students, the partnership continues to personally impact their lives and opportunities experienced." Teacher & Sponser: Dori Brown