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A Strong Start for the Quarter Metal Jackets

A Strong Start for the Quarter Metal Jackets


The Quarter Metal Jackets, an elementary school VEX IQ robotics team, started their season by brainstorming ideas, documenting their progress and building a robot.


Their first competition was at the 3rd annual Rockwall Education Foundation VEX IQ tournament held at the new Dr. Gene Burton College and Career Academy.


This year’s challenge “Next Level” is to move hubs across the field into the scoring zone and stack hubs on top of each other. Extra bonus points are given for parking the robot in a specific square or hanging their robot on a bar at the end of the game.


The Quarter Metal Jackets, composed entirely of 5th grade rookie members, won the Judges Award, which is presented to a team deserving of special recognition for inspiring the judges.


Submitted by Hannah Cowgill, EVP Public Relations