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Amy Parks-Heath Elementary Student Council

Amy Parks-Heath Elementary Student Council


The fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Amy Parks-Heath Elementary began the year with a competitive campaign followed by a close election for Student Council. 


Student Council looks a little different this year at Amy Parks-Heath ES.


In each of these three grades a class representative would be elected.  In the sixth grade, the students were also able to run for Student Council President and Vice President. 


Here are the results:

  • Fourth Grade representatives include Will Covington, Tripp Anderson, Kindall Jackson and John Clarke. 
  • Fifth Grade representatives include:  Ellis Blair, Bradie Batson, Kirbey Mouse and Ella Spencer-Gardner. 
  • Sixth Grade representatives include: Bailey Lundberg, Lincoln Nichols, Isabelle Panting and Austin Branch.  The Vice President elected is Addison Young and the President is Luke Mitchell.