TEKS Resource System Parent Portal

  • We are pleased to let you know that the TRS Parent Portal is now online at http://www.tcmpc.org/parentportal. Please note that the information on Parent Portal is strictly a guide as to the concepts and key understandings that students will be exposed to through the TRS curriculum delivery system. The information and TRS content provided through this Parent Portal may not necessarily reflect local decisions regarding implementation of TRS content as well as things such as the break-down of grading periods.


    On a local level, the district is also working diligently to provide resources for parents. We’ve added many additional resources to the Academics section of our website to help you help your student. You’ll find a detailed listing of the customized content your student’s teacher will be covering in each of the four core curriculum areas: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. In addition we’ve provided listings of websites with information about those subjects that are relevant to your student’s grade level. Visit our website to access these resources.