• School’s Namesake
    The school was named in honor of veteran Rockwall teacher, Virginia Anderson Reinhardt.  Born to a pioneer Rockwall family, she was a lifelong resident of this area.  Mrs. Reinhardt’s long and distinguished teaching career spanned 50 years in Rockwall County schools.  Wife of a county judge and active in community service, the life and contributions of this gracious civic-minded lady will long be remembered as gereations of children pass through the corridors of Virginia Reinhardt Elementary School.
    School History
    The third elementary school in the district, Reinhardt was built in 1984 and quickly established a tradition of educational excellence.  The building was updated in 1999.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of Virginia Reinhardt Elementary School is to ensure that all Reinhardt children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their potential and fully participate in social, economic and educational opportunities now and in the future.

    Reinhardt Our Reinhardt
    Reinhardt our Reinhardt the best school in the state.
    Reinhardt our Reinhardt so beautiful, so great.
    Smartest and truest, our students always strive
    To be the best they can be, the kindest kids alive.
    We love you Reinhardt…you’ll always be the best.
    And when we leave in years to come
    Our memories will be blessed.