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Mrs. Sunny Jones, RN

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Registered Nurse

Mrs. Sunny Jones, RN

Welcome to Health Science Theory at the Dr. Gene Burton College and Career Academy.  HST will give a comprehensive overview of knowledge and skills essential when pursuing a health care career.  This includes topics such as ethics, addiction in America, and understanding empathy and therapeutic communication with patients.  

I am a Veteran, Registered Nurse, and Teacher!  I love sharing the knowledge I've gained through traveling, education, and life to help students pursure a successful career in the public service of Health Care.  I am passionate about sharing health care knowledge and how that positively impacts individuals and families.  I desire for students to gain three essential life skills while they are in our program:

1.  Know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack

2.  Know the signs and symptoms of a stroke

3.  Know how to save a life with CPR

Rockwall I.S.D. is our home community.  My husband Michael B. Jones is a native "Rockwallian" and devoted team-member of the RISD family.  We have two children, Duncan (7) and Sabrina (2).  

Class Schedule:

A-2nd/B-5th Health Science Theory (0940- 1110)

A-3rd/B-6th Health Science Theory (1125-1315)

Lunch B

A-4th/B-7th Health Science Theory (1325-1455)


Thursdays 0800-0845 & 1555-1630


0800-0845 & 1555-1630