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Degrees and Certifications:

Registered Nurse

Mrs. Sunny Jones, RN

Welcome to Health Science at the Dr. Gene Burton College and Career Academy (GBCCA).  The health science program will give a comprehensive overview of knowledge and skills essential when pursuing a health care career.  Health Science Theory includes topics such as ethics, addiction in America, and understanding empathy and therapeutic communication with patients.  Medical Terminology covers terminology used in health care and we will also cover basic anatomy.  

I am a Veteran, Registered Nurse, and Teacher!  I love sharing the knowledge I've gained through traveling, education, and life to help students pursure a successful career in the public service of health care.  I am passionate about sharing health care knowledge and how that positively impacts individuals and families.  I desire for students to gain three essential life skills while they are in our program:

1.  Know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack

2.  Know the signs and symptoms of a stroke

3.  Know how to save a life with CPR

I am also passionate about helping students understand diabetes, hypertension, and wounds!  I am passionate about it because as an RN 90% (estimated) of my patients had one of those diagnosis. 

Rockwall I.S.D. is our home community.  My husband Michael B. Jones is a native "Rockwallian" and devoted team-member of the RISD family.  We have two children, Duncan (8) and Sabrina (3).  

Class Schedule:

A-2nd/B-5th Med Term (0940- 1110)

A-3rd/B-6th Med Term (1125-1315)

Lunch B

A-4th/B-7th Health Science Theory (1325-1455)



0800-0845 & 1555-1630