• Career Assessments can help you narrow what careers you are most interested in and likely to pursue. As with any assessment, it is only a guide to help you understand your likes and disklikes and this changes all the time. We encourage you to take these fun career assessments often to help guide you both in your post-secondary plans, but also your high school career & technical education (CTE) courses and programs of study. 


    The below links are helpful when trying to figure out what Endorsement you want to puruse for high school. 

    Eduthings Career Assessment (Students must use their Rockwall ISD google mail account):  http://rockwall-students.ctecoding.com 

    Map My Grad website: https://www.mapmygrad.org/

    Endorsement Assessment: https://www.mapmygrad.org/takethequiz

    Endorsement Information: https://www.mapmygrad.org/endorsements

    Grad Planner Tool: https://www.mapmygrad.org/gradplanner


    Fun Free Career Assessments:

    career1  CareerOneStop This website as great skills, interest, and work values assessments that will link to both careers and post-secondary edcuation programs that align with those careers. Career videos are available to view as well as job search engines, occupation data, resume and cover letter help. 

    xq  The Super School Project is a fun in depth career and personality assessment. The assessments will link you to your matches of potential careers. Each career has an profile outlining the job expetations and information on how to become involved in that career path. 

    pt  https://www.16personalities.com/ is a fun free personality test that goes in depth regarding your likes, dislikes, compatible relationships and much more! 

    m  Explore all the different careers offered with in our military branches: Todays Military


     Additional Career Websites:

    O*Net Online ;  Texas Genuine Assessment ; Advance CTE Career Clusters