Scholarships/ Financial Aid

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    Scholarships can be found through a myriad of different ways:  Local, National, College, Organizations, etc.  There are many scholarship opportunities out there for students to be able to attend their chosen institution. All it takes is the dedication to fill out the applications! We will continue to update this webpage for any scholarship opportunity that we find for our students. Know of a scholarship that is not on here? Please email Counseling Secretary

  • Local Scholarships  **Closed**

      • Closed on Sunday, March 17, 2024 - late submissions will not be considered.



  • Workforce Company and Organizational Scholarships

    Companies and workforce associations also offer scholarships to students as well. Check out some below!

    General CTE Scholarships


    • Extreme Terrain's Student Scholarships:  open to students who plan to major in Environmental Studies, Ecology, Land Use, Earth & Atmosphere Sciences, Sustainable Land Management, Environmental Biology, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems (6/15/24)
    • Curt Greene Memorial Scholarship:  open to students who have a keen interest in any facet of harness racing (06/01/24)



    Arts, A/V, Tech  

    Business, Marketing, & Finance



    • Trotter Project Scholarships:  open to students interested in culinary arts/baking pastry, hospitality management or food science (05/15/24)




    Health Science

    • Nurse Corps Scholarship Program:  open to students who plan on pursuing one of the following types of nursing programs:  Diploma in nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelor or Science in Nursing, or Nurse practitioner and who will agree to a minimum two-year, full-time service commitment (or part-time equivalent) at an eligible health care facility with a critical shortage of nurses (05/02/24)
    • American Indian Medical Scholarship Program:  open to students who are of American Indian descent and who plan to pursue a degree in a Health Science field and who plan to work amongst the Native American population improving health care (06/01/24)
    • Doctors Network Heroes Scholarship:  open to students who plan to pursue a degree in the field of medicine (06/15/24)



    • AISES Chevron Scholarship:  open to students who are interested in a career some specified STEM careers (04/30/24)
    • CodeWizardsHQ:  open to students who are interested in a career in STEM (05/01/24)
    • ASHRAE High School Senior Scholarships:  open to students with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a scale where 4.0 is the highest and/or a class standing of no less than the top 30% and accepted into an engineering, pre-engineering, or engineering technology program at a post-secondary educational institution (05/01/24)
    • Stratos Jet Charters Scholarship Award:  open to students who plan to enter a field of aviation (05/01/24)
    • SEE Education Foundation Scholarships:  open to students who plan to pursue a technical, undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate in a field related to the commercial explosives industry (05/06/24)
    • #ScienceSaves Video Scholarship:  open to students who can create a video answering the question "What has science done for me?" or "What has science done for somebody I know?" (05/06/24)
    • William Griggs Memorial Scholarship:  open to female seniors who plan to pursue a degree in science or mathematics (06/20/24)
    • ABC Humane Wildlife Scholarship:  open to female students who plan to pursue a degree in science, engineering, mathematics, or technology (07/01/24)

    Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics



  • Federal Student Aid (FASFA)

    FAFSA is a free application for student grants and scholarships for colleges, technical schools, universities (both private and public). FAFSA opens December 2023 in your student's senior year. Please review below some helpful links. Rockwall ISD High Schools typically host Financial Aid Nights. Please look at your high schools website for any details. 

    FASFA Home Webpage:

    FASFA Deadlines: