Enrollment Procedures

  • Enrollment Procedures for 2020-2021 School Year:

    Students interested in taking dual credit courses through Collin College for the 2020-2021 school year must complete the following steps by the deadline of February 28th, 2020. 

    NEW students to dual credit must do the following (students who have NOT taken a Collin College dual credit course):

    1) Indicate on their Rockwall High/Heath course selection sheets the dual credit courses they are wanting to take. 

    2) The STUDENT must attend ONE of the Mandatory information sessions presented by Collin College:

      When: January 28 or January 29

      Location: Dr. Gene Burton College & Career Academy 

      Time: 6:30pm -7:30pm

    3) If your student did not attend either information session listed above they will have to review the presentation (below) and complete the 10 question quiz through the google classroom code:  fjwxy7p   The information presented and covered is essential for your student to understand in order to be successful in their dual credit classes. 

    4) Submit an application to Collin College for Fall 2020 Term: apply.collin.edu 

    5) Complete and submit the required dual credit packet by deadline of February 28th to your home campus counseling office OR counseling office at the Burton Academy. The dual credit packet can be found on the Enrollment Materials tab of this webpage. You will need the high school permission form and the RISD 20-21 contract. 

    Megan.shutt@rockwallisd.org OR Amy.pennell@rockwallisd.org 


    Continuing dual credit students (students who have taken a Collin College dual credit class) must do the following to continue for Fall 2020:

    1) Indicate on their Rockwall High/Heath course selection sheets the dual credit courses they are wanting to take. 

    2) Submit required High School Permission form and provide all required Texas Success Initiative Scores (if needed) by the deadline of February 28th.


    BOTH CONTINUING AND NEW students will then Arena in April for their chosen dual credit class period. Students will then have to come during the below registration days to register officially through Collin College for their dual credit class. 

    Arena is ONLY a place holder for Rockwall ISD, students must still Register for their Collin College class by attending the below Collin Registration days located at their home campus. PLEASE NOTE that if you DO NOT register through Collin College you will NOT be in the dual credit program and will be placed by your counselor into a regular high school course.

    Registration Days are for students who completed the above steps by the February 28th deadline ONLY. 

    Collin Registration Days Rockwall High:  April 27 & 28 in Library Computer Lab from 8am - 4pm

    Collin Registration Days Rockwall Heath: April 29 & 30 in Library Computer Lab from 8am-4pm

    *We are not giving Course Registration Numbers (CRN) out this year for Fall registration, as students will have already Arena into a class period. Students will be given a CRN number that aligns with their Arena Schedule and chosen class period. 


    The Collin College Information Presentation Power Point for 2020-2021 school year is posted BELOW


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