Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA)

  •  What is the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA)

    The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state placement assessment designed to assist the college or university in diagnosing student basic skills in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Community Colleges & some four year institutions use the TSI test for course placements. Students who do not obtain scores high enough for college level are placed into developmental courses at the post-secondary institution. All community colleges and some techinical schools require the TSI or an exemption prior to students registering for their college courses. The TSI is a state legislated test that can be transferred to any Texas public institution. Students whose college requires the TSI can get a jump start by taking it at Rockwall ISD before graduating high school.

    TSIA Format

    The TSIA is a computer-adaptive test, testing two parts: English Language Arts/Reading and Mathematics. Testing is untimed and students may take as long as they need to finish the test. Students are allowed to take breaks as often as they need on any part, except the essay portion.

    Test Scores

    Scores are printed out immediately upon completion of the test. In some cases, scoring of the essay portion might go into review and Accuplacer would require further time for the essay score. 

    Sending Test Scores to Colleges

    Please go to the Post Test- What Now?  link for instructions. 

    How is the TSIA related to Dual Credit

    High school students are not permitted by the State of Texas High Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to take developmental courses. For high school students wanting to pursue college level courses through the dual credit program, they must score college level on the TSIA or provide the associated exemptions. 

    How long are TSIA scores valid

    The TSIA scores are valid for 5 years. See Texas Code for reference.  

     Steps to take the TSIA at Rockwall ISD

    1. Take the mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity
    2. Sign up for one of the TSIA testing dates
    3. Pay using the Revtrack link

    See the associated tabs on the left for further information.  ALL steps must be completed PRIOR to testing date. NO payment or completion of PAA is allowed on testing date. 


    Collin College has TSIA testing available online and in-person. Students will need to be a Collin College student and have their CWID number. Please visit Collin College's Testing Center for further information.


    For more information and study materials for the TSIA

    Visit the Accuplacer Student Portal

    See the informative brochure below and view the following websites for further information: College For All Texans, THECB 60X30 



Student TSI Informative Brochure

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