Grading and Academic Policies

  • How are grades determined?
    The grades are averaged each term. The term grades are calculated using the following formulas:

    Formative grades represent 30% of the six weeks grade.
    Summative grades represent 70% of the six weeks grade.
    Semester exam grades represent 10% of the semester grade.

    Will my child have homework?
    Homework is used to enrich and strengthen classroom experiences.  It is an extension of the day’s lesson to help the student and teacher assess learning.  The teacher’s responsibility is to assign effective, well-planned and purposeful homework that aids the student in the mastery of the course’s essential elements.

    What if my child forgets to turn in an assignment?
    Late work is defined as any assignment that is not turned in at the time and date designated by the teacher when the student is present.

    Completing work and meeting deadlines in a prompt manner is an important behavior to master for success in life, however it is not a reflection of academic knowledge. Therefore, late work may only be submitted after the student attends a pre-arranged campus consequence.

    During the established consequence, the student will be required to complete the assignment that was due or an alternate assignment. Alternate assignments must be reflective of the objective to be mastered. Once the completed assignment is submitted to the teacher, it will replace the original grade.

    Failure to attend the assigned consequence will result in a zero for the assignment and possibly further consequences.

    How do I obtain a schedule change for my child?
    All schedule changes must be made in writing and approved by the principal.