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My mom always said she knew I would be a teacher. You could say teaching is in my blood - my dad (retired), sister, brother-in-law, and husband are all teachers and my mom is a retired principal. Without a doubt my mom played the biggest role in my becoming a teacher. I fondly remember playing in her classroom during the summer as she would set it up for the upcoming school year and how she would grade all of her research papers over the winter break.

Most of all, I recall how much she enjoyed her job. She has always loved touching the lives of others and inspiring them to do better. Growing up I remember previous students coming up to my mom and telling her how much she inspired them to become teachers themselves. What an honor I thought. My mom taught me what it took to be an outstanding teacher. She taught me that teaching is not just an 8:00 to 4:00 job - that being an awesome teacher took time and effort but had a huge payoff in the end.

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To help keep parents informed of what students are working on in my class, I will send emails about major grades throughout the year. These emails will be sent early enough so parents can help and ensure their children are completing the assignments and studying for tests.

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Email: farrah.couch@rockwallisd.org
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