Basketball – Men

  • Varsity 2017-18


    Our guys are Bi-District Champions!!!

     Week of (02/19/18)

     Rockwall vs Lufkin Panthers:

    • Your Yellowjackets won 64-59, and are Bi- District Champs.  Alec Grandstaff led the way with 23 points, Samuell Williamson had 20 points and 11 rebounds, and Jacob Clark added another 12 points.  


    Week of (02/12/18)

     Rockwall vs Heath:

    • Freshman A team lost 38-36 in a close one
    • JV team lost 72-54
    • Varsity team won a huge game 84-81, in dramatic up and down fashion, moving your Yellowjackets to 10-4 and sealing second place in district play.  Alec Grandstaff led the way with 29 points, Samuell Williamson added 28, and Jacob Clark had 18.

    Congratulate these guys as you see them this week, they have all work hard this season! JFND

    Week of (02/05/18)

     Rockwall vs John Tyler:

    • The Freshmen B lost 54-31
    • A team made a furious comeback and won 59-57.  
    • The JV won 67-61
    • Varsity kept their second place spot in district winning 77-55.  They are 9-4 in district with one final district game Tuesday night at Home against Heath.  Alec Grandstaff had 24 points, Samuell Williamson 19, and Jacob Clark added 14 points


     Rockwall vs North Mesquite:

    • The Freshmen B team won a tight game 57-55
    • A team dominated with an 81-42 victory.  
    • The JV lost 62-51
    • Varsity dropped their game 52-46.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 17 points, and Jacob Clark added 13 more.  This moves them to 8-4 in district play.  


    Week of (01/29/18)

     Rockwall vs Mesquite Skeeters:

    • The Freshman B team lost 40-18
    • A team won from behind 55-51.  
    • The JV lost in overtime 47-46, 
    • Varisity moved to 8-3 in district play with a 73-65 win.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 32 points, 9 rebound, 8 assists, and 1 charge.   Alec Grandstaff had 18 points, and Andrew Taylor added 11 in the victory.  

    This win moves your Yellowjackets into second place in district with three district games remaining.

    Tuesday night your Yellowjackets played Tyler Lee:

    • The Freshman B team took a tough loss  55-27.
    • A team struggled with a 51-47 loss.
    • The JV team won 57-35
    • Varsity moved to 7-3 in district play, winning 57-35.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 21 points and Jacob Clark added 10 more.  


    Week of (01/22/18)

    Rockwall vs Mesquite Horn:

    Friday night your Yellowjackets traveled to Mesquite Horn:  

    • The Freshmen A team lost 52-41
    • JV team won in a rollercoaster of a game 80-75.  
    • The Varsity also won 66-58 putting them at 6-3 in district play.  Samuell Williamson scored 22 points, Alec Grandstaff had 15, and Jacob Clark added another 13 points in the game.


    Rockwall vs Longview Lobos:

    Tuesday night your Yellowjackets started the second round of district play with the Longview Lobos coming to town.  

    •  Freshmen B team lost 41-17 
    • A team lost a close one 47-42.  
    • The JV also lost 51-47
    • Varsity broke the streak with a big win 67-52 over the Lobos, making them 5-3 in district play.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 36 points and Jacob Clark added another 11 points in the win.


     Week of (01/15/18)

    Rockwall vs North Mesquite:

    Friday night your Yellowjackets played North Mesquite at home.  

    • The Freshmen B team fought hard and lost by 6.  
    • The A team won 53-37
    • The JV lost a close one 43-42.  
    • The Varsity won a hard fought battle 67-60 moving them to 3-2 in district play. Samuell Williamson led all scorers with 32 points, Jacob Clark added 13, and Andrew Taylor had 10.  


    Your Yellowjackets play at home again Tuesday night against John Tyler, and Friday we travel across I-30 to battle Heath.  Next week should be exciting, and we will either talk about having the best student section, or we Will BE the BEST STUDENT SECTION!!  See you all next week.

    Week of (01/08/18)

    Rockwall vs Mesquite:

    • The Freshman B team lost 41-21, and the A team got revenge with a 45-32 win.  
    • The JV team also got a win 56-50
    • Varsity dropped a hard fought game 63-60.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 16 points, Jacob Clark added 15 inside, Andrew Taylor and Alec Grandstaff each had 11 points each.  

    Your Yellowjackets are 2-2 in district

    Rockwall vs Tyler Lee:

    • The Freshmen teams struggled with the B team losing 60-35 and the A losing 52-48.  
    • The JV won 58-51
    • Varsity also won 70-56, making them 2-1 in district play.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 19 points and Alec Grandstaff added 12 in the team effort.


    Week of (01/02/18)

    Rockwall vs Mesquite Horn:

    • Freshmen lost by 9
    • JV also dropped their game 67-54.
    • Varsity won 68-58.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 23 points and few dunks, and Jacob Clark added 13 points.  The boys basketball teams travel to Tyler Lee on Friday as we continue District play.


    Week of (12/18/17)

    Rockwall vs Lovejoy:

    • The Freshmen had a tough time with the B team coming up short 45-26 and the A team struggle in their loss 79-37.  
    • The JV team won 49-38
    • Varsity won 68-60.  Samuell Williamson led all scorers with 22 points, Alec Grandstaff finished with 17 points, and Andrew Taylor added 10 in the victory.


    Week of (12/11/17)

    Rockwall vs Denton Guyer High School:

    • The freshman B team lost 43-35 and the A team alos lost 67-48.  
    • The JV fought hard and came up short losing 57-49
    • Varsity also came up short in their battle losing 79-73.  Samuell Williamson led the way with 25 points, Andrew Taylor added 18, and Alec Grandsatff had 16 points.  


     Week of (12/05/17)

    Rockwall vs Rowlett:

    • The Freshmen teams struggled losing 61-30
    • JV won a good game 65-49
    • Varsity finished the night with a 65-58 victory.  Samuell Williamson led all scorers with 31 points, Alec grand staff added 12, and Andrew Taylor had 10 points.

     Week of (11/27/17)

    Rockwall vs Newman Smith Trojans:

    • The Varsity had a nail bitter win 47-46 with Samuel Williamson leading the way with 21 points, and Andrew Taylor added 11 points in the victory. 
    • JV also lost 72-54.  
    • The freshman lost 55-42


    Week of (11/13/17)

    Rockwall vs Arlington Seguin:

    • The Varsity won big 84-68 with Samuel Williamson leading the way with 23 points, 19 rebounds, and 6 assists.  Andrew Taylor added 20 points, Dallas Whitaker had 17 points, and Alec Grandstaff scored 15.  
    • The freshman dropping a heart breaker 62-66
    • The JV won 64-58.  




    Week of (2/27/17)

    Rockwall vs Jesuit:

    Our season ended in the Quarter Final match up against Jesuit 69-46.  Senior Jarrod Winston Pendleton led the scoring with 16 points.  


    Our players have achieved a great deal this season, winning District 11-6A, Bi District, and Area.


    Thank you for your support this historic season, and a special thanks to our seniors for their time as a fighting Yellowjacket! We wish them well on their future endeavors. JFND

    Week of (2/6/17)

    Rockwall vs South Garland:

    Ok, here is the scoop…3 overtimes, lots of lead changes, and tons of energy.  We survived and won 61-60 over South Garland!  Eight Yellowjackets scored in the matchup being led by Cameron Crayton with 18, and Samuel Williamson adding 16 points.  The guys will move on to the Regional Quarterfinal Tuesday night vs. Jesuit.  More details to come soon.


    • Varsity wins! 61-60

    Week of (2/6/17)

    Rockwall vs College Park - Woodlands:

    Tuesday night your Yellowjackets traveled to Palestine to challenge College Park from The Woodlands in their Bi District matchup.  After drama in a back and forth game, even a discussion on whether #0 and #00 are the same number, your Yellowjackets won with Cameron Crayton leading the way with 24 points and Tevin Williams adding 16.


    • Varsity wins 67-64


     Week of (2/6/17)

    Rockwall vs RHHS:

    Your Yellowjackets finished up their last game of district play Tuesday night, and we traveled across I-30 to do it against Heath.  

    • Freshmen A team won 54-51
    • JV dropped their game 73-43.  
    • The Varsity came down to the wire with back and forth play all night before losing in controversy whether the clock expired or not 62-60.


    Your Yellowjackets finished District with (11-3) for a district 11-6A Championship!!  Cameron Crayton led the way with 14 points as we had 8 players score in the game. 


    Week of (2/6/17)

    Rockwall vs John Tyler HS:

    Friday night was an exciting night of basketball against John Tyler High School.  

    • Freshmen B team won 41-40
    • The A team won 72-50.  
    • The JV team played hard and improved losing 64-61,
    • Our Varsity Yellowjackets won a big game 67-65.  This makes us 11-2 in district 11-6A and in first place, with one game left Tuesday against Heath at Heath.  It was senior night in the boxscore with Tevin Williams scoring 19 points, Josh Sheperd had 13 points, and Caleb Wesley adding 12 points.  

    Come out next Tuesday to Heath, and lets take over the gym with orange as play our last district game.


    Rockwall vs North Mesquite:

    North Mesquite traveled into the Jacket swarm Tuesday night, and it was a night of drama.  

    • Freshmen B team started out with a loss 47-38
    • A team wins 40-34.  
    • The JV team struggled in the third quarter dropping their game 68-54
    • Varsity WINS playing another close game all the way to then end and winning 52-49.  In the rough game Cameron Crayton scored 18 points and 7 rebounds, and Sam Williamson added 15 points and 8 rebounds.  

    Congratulate all the guys as you see them and they continue their push for a district championship.  Your Yellowjackets play home Friday against John Tyler, so come out get loud and witness senior night.


    Week of (1/30/17)

    Rockwall vs Mesquite:

    Your Yellowjackets traveled Friday night to Mesquite.  

    • Freshmen B team lost 34-44
    • A team lost 30-46.  
    • JV lost 48-60, while improving
    • Varsity lost with 1.9 seconds on a heave that banked in 60-62.  Andrew Taylor hustled his way to 17 points, and Tevin Williams helped with 14 points.

    Your Yellowjackets are 9-2 and still leading by 1 game over Mesquite with 3 games left in district play.  We play a home schedule next week with North Mesquite Tuesday and John Tyler on Friday.  Friday is senior night, so make plans to come out and see this great group of guys. JFND!


    Rockwall vs Tyler Lee:

    Your Yellowjackets traveled to Tyler Lee Tuesday night, and the ball got rolling.  

    • The Freshmen B team lost 39-43
    • A team lost 42-64.  
    • The JV team lost 53-74.  
    • The Varsity WINS 72-55.  They continued their win streak moving to 9-1 in district, and maintaining first place in district 11-6A.  Nine Yellowjackets scored in the game, led by Alec Grandstaff who hit 19 points, Tevin Williams had 14 points, and Jarrod Winston Pendleton added 11 more.  


    Your Yellowjackets are heading to Mesquite High School Friday for a tough matchup, to finish our week on the road.  Come out and enjoy some great basketball Friday night.


    Week of (1/23/17)

    Rockwall vs John Horn:

    Friday night John Horn High School came to Rockwall for our second game of the second round of district.  

    • The Freshmen A team won easily 59-33
    • The JV struggled 38-78 for a loss. 
    • The Varsity wins 63-52 over the Jaguars.  

    Your Yellowjackets had nine scorers with Sam Williamson leading the way with 12 points, Alec Grandstaff finished with 11points, and Cameron Crayton had 10 points.


    The boys are 8-1 in district and leading the way.  


    Rockwall vs Longview:

    Tuesday night your Yellowjackets took a road trip to Longview to smell the pine trees, and to play some basketball.  

    • The 9th grade B team lost at the end 43-40
    • The A team lost in double overtime 58-56.  
    • The JV dropped their game 44-30.
    • The Varsity won 56-47 to go 7-1 in district play.  Sam Williamson led the way with 16 points, Andrew Taylor hit 4 three’s for 12 points, Cameron Crayton and Alec Grandstaff each added 11 points. 

    Your Yellowjackets aim to avenge their only district loss this Friday at home versus John Horn High School.  Come out and support your Jackets.


     Week of (1/16/17)

    Rockwall vs. Heath game:

    • The Freshmen A won 65-56 
    • The JV struggled to score in their 27-52 loss.  
    • Varsity WINS 66-60! The game had to go into overtime and create a whole lot drama for everyone. There was a flurry of three pointers, dunks, chants, missed free throws and rebounds.  Alec Grandstaff hit 6 three’s for 23 points, Sam Williams hit 14, and Cameron Crayton finished with 11 points in the victory with the tying layup to force the overtime.  

    We want to thank everyone for showing up and packing the gym.  There was a great student section and many teachers in the stands.  Thanks and come out over and over again…we will try to create less drama in the future.


    We are 6-1 and first place in district.  


     Week of (1/16/17)

    Your Yellowjackets traveled to John Tyler Tuesday night to continue district play.  

    • The Freshmen B won 38-34
    • The A team dropped a heartbreaker at the end 35-36.  
    • The JV boys continued to struggle losing 43-65,
    • The Varsity wins 66-63. They blew up the 4th quarter scoring 32 points and making a dramatic comeback for the win.  Sam Williamson led all scorers with 24 points, Cameron Crayton made 14 points, and Alec Grandstaff added 12.  

    Friday the Yellowjackets finish their first round of district play against Rockwall Heath at Home.  You know what to do on Friday…right?  Let the swarm begin…


    Week of (1/08/17)

    Your Yellowjackets traveled to North Mesquite Friday night (01/13/17).  

    • The Freshmen B team lost a close one 34-35,
    • The Freshmen A team got a good win 43-37.  
    • The JV continued their struggle, losing 35-55,
    • Varsity got a huge win 67-64.  Sam Williamson hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to propel the Jackets to 4-1 in district play.  Sam finished with 15 points, Tevin Williams led with 16 points, Alec Grandstaff hit four 3 pointers to finish with 12 points, and Andrew Taylor added 11.  

    The Jackets continue district play on Tuesday night (01/17/17) traveling to John Tyler. 


    Varsity wins defeating Mesquite 54-45.  Sam Williamson led the way with 15 points and Cameron Crayton added 14 more going to the hole.  This puts your Yellowjackets at 3-1 in district play with a trip to North Mesquite on Friday.  

    • The Freshmen A Team lost 37-38
    • The JV lost 48-60



    Week of (1/01/17)

    Varsity wins a 69-56 district win against Tyler Lee this past Saturday.  Andrew Taylor led the Jacket assault with 18 points, Cameron Crayton drove to the rim and added 17, and Samuel Williamson caused match up problems scoring 12 points.  

    The Jackets are 2-1 in district and play undefeated Mesquite this Tuesday (01/10/17) at home at 7:00pm. 

    Your Yellowjackets competed  Tuesday (01/03/17) in district play at John Horn High School.  

    • The Freshmen A team won a close back and forth game 44-43.
    • The JV struggled in their 45-72 loss.  
    • The Varsity lost a heart breaker 51-55 with Jarrod Winston Pendleton scoring 14, Sam Williamson added 13, and Tevin Williams had 11 points.  

    We are playing at home on Friday night against Tyler Lee.



    Week of (12/05/16)

    Your Yellowjackets competed in the Battle for Lake Ray Hubbard Tuesday night (12/6/16) against Rowlett. The waves were choppy as the Eagles came across the bridge:

    • Freshmen B team lost a tough one 37-44
    • The A team loss 48-69.
    • The JV had trouble, dropping their game 43-54
    • Varsity fought an up and down battle and came up short 49-60.  Sam Williamson scored 12 points, and Tevin Williams added another 11 points.  Thanks to those who came out and supported us.


    All the Yellowjacket teams will be playing in the Forney Tournament Thursday through Friday this week, so come out and support your Yellowjackets.



    Week of (11/28/16)

    The RHS boys basketball team played Newman Smith for their home opener:

    • The Varsity won 42-30 with Jarrod Winston-Pendelton leading all scorers inside with 17 points and Sam Williamson added another 13 points.
    • The Freshmen lost a tough one 46-60 and the JV also lost a tough fight 59-66.


    Your Yellowjackets play next Tuesday at home against our Lake Ray Hubbard rival Rowlett.  Lets pack the gym with Orange and White!

    Josh Goellner

    Rockwall High School

    (Pre AP) Geography

    JV Boys Basketball

    RHS Bowling Sponsor