• Mission Statement:
    Rockwall High School challenges all learners to become resilient self-advocates and collaborative problem solvers in order to develop a sense of community through global awareness.

    Vision Statement:
    We envision that our daily practices and policies will support our achievement of the school’s mission by striving as a staff to:

    • Foster positive relationships with all students and stakeholders
    • Model and establish a culture where failure and risk are tools for success
    • Set high academic expectations to enrich rigorous learning
    • Promote a growth mindset in both students and staff
    • Work together in collaborative teams
    • Seek and implement high-impact strategies to meet the needs of all students

    Collective Commitments:
    In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, Rockwall High School staff have made the following collective commitments. 

    1. Communicate with respect and understanding to all students and stakeholders.
    2. Facilitate class discussion that promotes and affirms multiple perspectives.
    3. Create a supportive environment that allows both teachers and students time to reflect and revise their academic practices. 
    4. Incorporate frequent opportunities for high level questioning and student led discussion in lesson design.
    5. Implement meaningful formative assessments as a tool to monitor student’s progress towards learning goals and provide timely feedback. 
    6. Review formative and summative data, in weekly PLC meetings, to inform reteach and enrichment. 
    7. Utilize a diverse set of instructional strategies to promote critical thinking for all learners.
    8. Engaging intentionally in staff development that aligns with our professional goals in order to advance our instructional practices. 

    Principal: Mr. Dane Steinberger

    Associate Principal – Curriculum & Instruction:  Ms. Stacy Rosa

    Associate Principal – Student Services: Dr. Marie Olivarez

    Assistant Principals:

    • Ms. Laura Reinhart: 9th
    • Ms. Amber McClung: 10th
    • Mr. Brandon Johnson: 11th
    • Mr. David Gear: 12th

    In keeping with Rockwall Independent School District’s vision and mission, Rockwall High School leadership believes in providing every student with every opportunity to succeed. Please feel free to contact us as we are here to serve RHS students and the Rockwall community.

    School Song:

    Hail, dear old Rockwall, how we love you.
    Ever you’ll find us loyal and true.
    Our colors flying ever so proud.
    We’ll always honor you with praises loud.